Senior Pets: The animal is fit and healthy. Any grooming which takes place on an elderly animal or animal with health problems will be at the owners’ risk.

Dematting: Grooming may expose pre-existing health/skin problems for which A Purrfect Grooming Mobile Pet Salon cannot be held liable.

De-matting/thinning out of matted hair may cause patchiness and hair loss. We make every effort to comb out mats, but if this becomes too painful for the animal we will exercise the option of shaving. Consent to shave the animal will be sought. If this is an unacceptable option for you, please let us know immediately. Shaving/stripping of pets will dramatically change the pets’ appearance and the hair will be very close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. Your permission will be required to perform this service.

It is understood that we are not liable for vet bills that may be incurred from any pre-existing growths that are cut or irritated during the grooming process, unless negligence can be proven.

Please advise the groomer of any pre-existing blemishes that might be injured during the grooming process to avoid any problems.

Fleas: If your pet is not free of fleas & ticks prior to grooming appointment an mud pack treatment will be administered including a $10.00 charge

Vaccinations: Owner specifically represents to A Purrfect Groomer Mobile Pet Salon that their pet(s) have not been exposed to rabies or distemper as precautionary owner will verify true by providing a current RABIES & DISTEMPER CERTIFICATE (and or health certificate).

Photos: Photos of your pet may be used for educational purposes OR displayed on social media. Please advise staff if you wish not to participate.

Agreement: Owner agrees to pay for services provided by A Purrfect Groomer Mobile Pet Salon on the date pet(s) is serviced, regardless if services were not complete. Owner certifies the accuracy of all information given about said pet(s). Owner also agrees to a 90 minute window before or after agreed upon appointment time due to unforseen delays or breaks in groomer’s schedule.

Owner further agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviors of said pet(s) while under care of A Purrfect Groomer Mobile Pet Salon. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties. All terms and conditions shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, person representative and assigns of the owner and A Purrfect Groomer Mobile Pet Salon. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or breach thereof, or as the result of any claim or controversy involving the alleged negligence by any party to this contract shall be settled in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgement upon the award rendered by an arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall, as part of the award, determine an award to the prevailing party of the cost of such arbitration and responsible attorney’s fee of prevailing party.

Cancellation Policy: All clients will be charged 50% of their grooming fee for any cancellation within 24 hours of their appointment.

Please note that our schedule is booked a year in advance. All client registrations will be reviewed and held for the next available reoccurring slot. No same day appointments are available.