Why choose mobile vs. a traditional pet salon?

After 10 years of having a traditional brick and mortar pet salon, A Purrfect Groomer is now mobile. We have ditched the shop and now bring our business to you. Here are some of the great benefits of having a mobile pet salon come to you:

  • Less stress on your pet: We have discovered that when your pet realizes they get to jump in the van that is parked in their front yard and can see their home from the grooming table, they are much calmer and content. This transitions into a more enjoyable experience for both groomer and pet.
  • Less stress on you: Mobile means we come to you! You don’t have to get in your car, drive across town with a possibly anxious pet, then have to come back later in the day to pick up your pet. We pull up in front of your house, come to your door and that’s it! You can sit back with your morning coffee or afternoon beverage and just wait for us to return your purrfectly pampered pet.
  • Full service package: No more add-ons or confusing bath packages, we do it all in one full-service price. If you keep your recurring appointments and your pet needs a special mud pack or de-shedding shampoo, we take care of it to give you the most pampered pooch around. We also use the highest quality¬†shampoos on the market making sure their coat is healthy and shining.








Mobile Grooming vs. Salon Grooming: Comparing Value of Services

Service Mobile Salon
Small Dog Haircut $85* $40*
Ear Cleaning Included Included
Ear Hair Pluck Included $5-$15
Nail Trim Included Included
Nail Grinding Included $5-$10
Nail Paint Included $5-$15
Premium Shampoo, Conditioner, Products Included $5-$15
Plum Facial Included $5-$10
Bandanna/Collar Accessory Included $1-$5
Express Grooming Service Included $15-$20
Door to Door Service Included $10-$35 (Shuttle)
No Other Pets in Salon Included $45/hr (2 hr min.)
Total: $85 $180-$255

To get the same services from a salon that you do with a mobile groomer, you will pay $5-$30 more AND you will still need to take your dog to the salon.

*Prices assume average local price for a dog in decent coat condition, regular grooming schedule and good behavior.